Revolutionizing connectivity with smart security

Efficient, portable and secure orchestration for reliable services

ELASTIC pioneers next-gen network orchestration, harnessing WebAssembly and Confidential Computing to ensure efficient, secure service delivery across 6G infrastructures.

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About ELASTIC Project

ELASTIC redefines service orchestration within 6G networks, integrating cutting-edge technologies like WebAssembly and Confidential Computing to optimize network functionality and security. Our project not only aims to advance the capabilities and reach of connectivity services but also ensures robust security measures across diverse infrastructures.


Elevating Network Orchestration to New Heights

By synthesizing the best of emerging and traditional technologies, ELASTIC tackles significant challenges in orchestrating services across varied computing environments, from extensive cloud frameworks to the critical edge. This initiative reduces latency, boosts data throughput, and fortifies networks against evolving cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, ELASTIC emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining data privacy and integrity. Utilizing Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and pioneering federated learning techniques, the project sets a new benchmark for secure, privacy-focused collaborations across various domains.

ELASTIC’s mission extends beyond enhancing network service delivery; it is about crafting a seamless integration of digital and physical realms, thus enriching user interaction across different platforms and sectors. Through committed research and inventive strategies, ELASTIC is spearheading the transformation towards a universally connected and secure digital future.

WebAssembly (Wasm)

Enhancing network functionality, WebAssembly offers a secure, portable runtime for efficient service orchestration across diverse environments, optimizing both performance and security.

Confidential Computing with TEEs

Confidential Computing employs Trusted Execution Environments to isolate sensitive data and operations, significantly boosting data security and privacy across network interactions.


eBPF and XDP technologies provide advanced network monitoring and fast packet processing capabilities, crucial for maintaining optimal performance and security within modern networks.

Federated Machine Learning (FL)

Federated Learning enables collaborative, secure data analysis without exposing individual datasets, promoting privacy and improving collective model accuracy.

Serverless FaaS Orchestration

Leveraging serverless architectures, ELASTIC optimizes resource use and simplifies network service deployment, ensuring scalability and responsiveness to demand fluctuations.

These technologies form the backbone of the ELASTIC project’s approach to revolutionizing 6G service orchestration, aiming to create a more secure, efficient, and flexible networking environment.

ELASTIC Project Objectives

ELASTIC aims to redefine the landscape of 6G network orchestration through innovative technologies and methodologies. The primary goal is to enhance network efficiency, security, and flexibility by harnessing WebAssembly, Confidential Computing, eBPF/XDP, Federated Machine Learning, and edge computing.

The project targets the orchestration of services and resources in a way that is both dynamic and adaptable, facilitating on-demand resource allocation and efficient service provisioning. With a focus on security, ELASTIC incorporates Trusted Execution Environments to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring the privacy and integrity of network operations across various stakeholders and domains.

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Secure and Efficient Orchestration

ELASTIC develops a secure, efficient framework for 6G service orchestration, ensuring rapid deployment and effective resource use across both cloud and edge settings.

Innovative Edge Computing Solutions

The initiative advances edge computing to minimize latency and boost real-time application performance, pivotal for future network services.

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

By leveraging TEEs and Federated Learning, the project establishes a secure computational framework for trustworthy service execution and data analysis in diverse stakeholder environments.

Advanced Monitoring and Security

Utilizing eBPF and XDP, ELASTIC enhances network monitoring and security, providing robust, responsive 6G network operations.

ELASTIC Project Use Cases

The ELASTIC project introduces several use cases to demonstrate the impact and functionality of its innovative technologies in real-world scenarios. These use cases are strategically chosen to address critical areas in network orchestration and secure data processing across diverse environments and industries.

Use Case 1

Infrastructure Enhancement

ELASTIC’s infrastructure enhancement initiatives focus on improving smart city management, supporting autonomous vehicle communications, and optimizing energy efficiency across distributed networks. These use cases demonstrate the project’s capabilities in dynamically managing infrastructure and reducing operational latencies and energy consumption.

Use Case 1

Secure Data Collaboration Use Cases

ELASTIC advances secure data collaboration with use cases in healthcare data sharing and telecommunications service orchestration. These pilots leverage advanced privacy technologies to ensure secure, efficient data analysis and service provisioning across diverse stakeholders.

ELASTIC Project Partners

ELASTIC collaborates with leading academic institutions, industry giants, and innovative SMEs across Europe to drive forward the advancements in 6G network technology and secure data processing. Together, these partners bring a wealth of expertise and resources critical for the project’s success.

Latest News & Updates

Discover our progress, innovations, and key milestones as we redefine 6G network orchestration through the ELASTIC project. Stay tuned for fresh insights and achievements.
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ELASTIC Project Meeting – April 24-25, 2024, Chania, Crete

The ELASTIC Project meeting was successfully held on April 24-25, 2024, in Chania, Crete. The meeting brought together key consortium members to review progress, plan… 

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ELASTIC Project Insights Shared at SNS Call 2 Webinar by Prof. Sotiris Ioannidis from TUC

On March 7th, 2024, Prof. Sotiris Ioannidis, the Project Coordinator for ELASTIC from the Technical University of Crete (TUC), presented an insightful overview of the ELASTIC project…

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ELASTIC Project Embarks on Advancing 6G Network Service Orchestration

April, 2024 – The ELASTIC project, supported by the European Union under the Horizon Europe framework, proudly announces its launch. This initiative is a collaboration among…