ELASTIC Project Embarks on Advancing 6G Network Service Orchestration

April, 2024 – The ELASTIC project, supported by the European Union under the Horizon Europe framework, proudly announces its launch. This initiative is a collaboration among leading organizations, along with other key academic and industrial partners across Europe. ELASTIC is set to transform the orchestration of 6G network services through innovative technologies aimed at improving security, efficiency, and scalability within the cloud-fog-edge continuum.


Practical Applications for Next-Generation Networks

The consortium’s kick-off meeting, which took place virtually and was followed by an in-person meeting in Chania, Crete, hosted by the Technical University of Crete, set the stage for this pioneering project. ELASTIC aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as WebAssembly, serverless FaaS, TEEs, and eBPF/XDP to address current challenges in network service orchestration.

Collaborative Efforts for a Technologically Advanced Future

With the combined expertise of European partners and the backing of the EU’s research and innovation program, ELASTIC is committed to delivering solutions that will enhance the deployment, management, and security of network services across highly distributed environments.

Tailored Solutions for Real-World Network Challenges

The project has outlined specific use cases demonstrating ELASTIC’s approach to overcoming significant challenges within 6G networks:

    • Dynamic Service Orchestration: ELASTIC is developing tools to dynamically manage network resources and services, aiming to improve response times and efficiency in service deployment.
    • Enhanced Security Measures: The project employs innovative security technologies to protect network infrastructures and data, ensuring reliable and secure communication across Europe.

Commitment to Secure and Efficient Network Services

ELASTIC is dedicated to making 6G networks more adaptable, secure, and efficient. By harnessing the potential of advanced orchestration technologies, the project supports the objectives of Europe’s digital strategy, showcasing the critical role of these technologies in shaping the future of telecommunications.


Join the ELASTIC Journey

Stakeholders, policymakers, and the public are invited to engage with ELASTIC’s progress and contribute to shaping the future of 6G networks in Europe.


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Jelena Vasic, Director of Marketing & Communications | Zentrix Lab