Experimentation in ELASTIC

Pilot 1: IoT Data Fabric as a 6G Infrastructure Capability

Pilot 1 within the ELASTIC project focuses on the validation of the ELASTIC framework through a Smart Manufacturing use case, where an IoT data fabric serves as a native 6G infrastructure capability. This initiative aims to demonstrate how users can construct and deploy processing pipelines using portable modules across a variety of nodes. These modules are developed leveraging Wasm/eBPF technologies, allowing secure runtime and attestation across different devices.

The experimentation includes an investigation into how orchestration capabilities can be optimized to dynamically convert user designs into machine-readable workflow instructions. It further validates the configuration for correctness against predefined policies, ensuring low-latency and secure data plane operations vital for IoT applications and 6G networks .

Pilot 2: Privacy-Preserving Confidential Computing Platform

Pilot 2 addresses the migration of sensitive IT and OT services from private data centers to the cloud, promoting privacy and compliance with cybersecurity and privacy regulations. This pilot uses the ELASTIC framework to evaluate the migration of these services by assessing the level of automation, portability, and the effectiveness of the confidential computing hardware platform provided.

The validation process for this pilot includes testing the remote attestation, ease of deployment, and the extension of secure edge workload orchestration. This enables enhanced lift and shift capabilities to edge networks, reducing latency and improving service availability for users, thus ensuring secure, efficient, and compliant cloud migration .